With a rhino being poached every 8 hours and an elephant every 15 minutes we can't sit by and let this continue. By joining us as a member you are helping in our mission to empower veterans and prevent wildlife crime!

Your support allows us to:

Train Rangers

Drawing upon years of experience, in diverse operating environments, whilst embedded with multiple host nation forces, Veterans for Wildlife volunteers are unparalleled in their ability to deliver world-class training. From fieldcraft, through command, leadership and management, to combat medicine and everything in between!

Veterans for Wildlife Medical Training
Veterans for Wildlife

Empower Veterans

By providing what is for many ex-service personnel a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Veterans for Wildlife is playing a critical role in the development of these individuals as they transition out of military life.

Protect Wildlife

By working with some of the worlds leading conservation entities and providing resources and capacity we are helping them achieve their aim of preventing wildlife crime!

Baby Rhino