Dale travelled to South Africa as a volunteer with Veterans for Wildlife in September 2017. He was one of two veterans offering basic tactical and first aid training to rangers at Nambiti Game Reserve in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province.

A former Royal Marine Commando, Dale employed the skills gained in five years of military service (as well as extensive experience in the private security sector) in order to to help train the rangers who are engaged in an ongoing struggle to protect the country's wildlife.

“I’m hoping to improve the standards and professionalism of the units tasked with protecting the animals, in turn boosting morale and empowering them to take a stand against poachers”, Dale said of his deployment.

He also said that he hoped his time with Veterans for Wildlife would raise awareness of conservation issues and give animals the voice they need.

“It’s been an ambition of mine to help protect the natural world for the next generation. I would like to be able to take away a valuable experience that I am able to use to drive other individuals like myself to get involved and offer their time.”

Although Dale drew primarily on his military experience in training the rangers, he said that the fight against poaching was not just about guns and bullets.

“It’s only with an integrated and inclusive approach for the people of Africa that we can educate people who may otherwise be persuaded to take up poaching, of the need to protect and appreciate wildlife.”