Born in New York City, Jason Trommer commissioned in 2015 as an Officer in the United States Army’s Military Police Corps. Since then he has served as a reservist in a training support battalion, responsible for mentoring and training fellow soldiers before they deploy overseas. He has served as an observer/coach/trainer, and as assistant operations officer for his battalion.

In his civilian life, Jason works as a security consultant and has assisted in ensuring safe travel for clients across Latin America and the Caribbean, and has coordinated multiple evacuations and other assistance during crises. He has deployed to various locations to support clients, including Mexico, Honduras, and Nicaragua. This latter deployment was conducted during the ongoing political unrest in early 2018

Jason has always been fascinated by Africa’s history and natural beauty; he has written a thesis on the civil wars in the Congo and Angola and has continued to pursue extracurricular research on African history. He is extremely grateful for the opportunity to deploy with Veterans For Wildlife and very much hopes it is far from his last time on the continent.

In August 2018 Jason deployed to Kruger National Park on our Meerkat project

An outstanding opportunity and wonderful experience. I'd tried my best to manage expectations for this mission; Africa had always been a passion of mine and I'd not wanted to disappoint myself by expecting too much. But I wasn't prepared for Kruger and its wildlife and the bush as a whole being exactly what I'd dreamed it would be. Before, I had wanted to go to Africa for the history, to help make things a little bit better -whatever that nebulous phrase means. Now, I know what cause I want to return for.