After a number years of looking to get involved with a cause that he could express his creative and entrepreneurial skills with, Liam took the step of getting in contact with the team at Veterans for Wildlife.

Before he knew it, Veterans for Wildlife had taken his ideas on board and were up and running with proofs of concept, draft marketing strategies and a real energy to make things work! Now, in a supporting role of Development Manager, Veterans for Wildlife have truly made Liam feel like an integral part of the team.  

Every idea is warmly received and explored to see the group we can make it work for the greater cause. Indeed, Liam had this to say:

Every day being involved with such an enthusiastic team, working hard to make a difference, is truly inspiring. Whether it’s taking Mad Rhino from concept to reality, organising advertising time on billboards, hunting for prizes for the golf day or exploring how we can create a platform for corporates to easily and effortlessly be a part of the fight against wildlife crime, you constantly feel like this team is making a difference. The motivation I’ve received from being involved has been of massive benefit for me in my work and personal life, and I’m looking forward to being part of this team for the long run.

Based out of Johannesburg, Liam is leading on the development of all of Veterans for Wildlife's commercial and fundraising initiatives in country. This is a critical task, linking-in with the people and communities at the very heart of the charity's projects.