After returning from a 3-month trip travelling through Africa, Sarah experienced first hand the fragility and vulnerability of the residing wildlife and knew that she wanted to do more to protect it. Upon her return, she sought out a professional volunteering opportunity to work with Veterans for Wildlife. Sarah's first project was to help secure funding for its Footprints of Hope programme as a grant writer and researcher.  

As a bid manager during her day job, Sarah used her strategic skills and experience to fulfil the role, researching appropriate funding sources, conducting compatibility checks, identifying and creating the components for a compelling project programme and ultimately writing and submitting grant applications. Thanks to Sarah’s professional expertise and diligence, Veterans for Wildlife was successful in securing the funding required for its Footprints of Hope programme through the first application submitted; a fantastic result!

Commenting on her contribution, Sarah said:

Participating in the Footprints of Hope programme has been a real privilege. I have had a humbling insight into the difficulties veterans face when transitioning to their civilian lives and the charities that support these individuals, such as Veterans for Wildlife. The unique Footprints of Hope programme will indirectly protect wildlife by securing veteran ambassadors for future conservation projects; it is a win-win situation. I would encourage anyone to volunteer their professional skills if hands-on volunteering is not possible; it allows you to apply the skills used in your day job to a cause you are passionate about, while pushing the boundaries of your own expertise and personal development; it is hugely rewarding.