With unique insights into the world of conservation and working tirelessly in the field of veterans' affairs, Veterans for Wildlife is extremely excited to launch our brand new offering: Dispatches.

A quarterly webinar series, Dispatches is targeted at military veterans, conservationists and those interested in the work and ever-expanding footprint of Veterans for Wildlife.

Through this new offering, Veterans for Wildlife aims to address some of the most pertinent issues facing veterans and conservation, based on our unique position at the nexus of both sectors. We will be exploiting insights and experiences gained at ground-level to provide honest and engaging front-line reporting to an international audience.

Dispatches will also be a platform for members of the public to submit burning questions, which the team will aim to tackle in a considered manner.

The first in the series, to be aired on Friday 06 April, is focussed on veterans in conservation and how individuals transitioning into civilian life may pursue a new career in conservation, particularly in Africa. The team will discuss the difficulties and challenges associated with this transition route, the qualifications and prerequisites needed to be successful in this sector, and the limitations on foreign nationals operating in Africa as conservationists. 

The team will also be making an exciting announcement at the end of this webinar that is sure to be of interest to all those veterans looking to make a career in conservation. 

If you have any questions regarding this topic that you would like the team to talk about then please leave them as comments below!

Please join us for this exciting new offering!

Veterans for Wildlife: Transitioning from the Military into the Conservation Sector
12th April 13:00-14:30

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