The Harsh Reality of Being an Anti-Poaching Ranger

One the the fundamental issues facing nearly all rangers is the financial limitations placed upon them. More often than not, the anti-poaching teams are not a well-trained team of paramilitary experts, but rather people who joined the conservation industry to count animals, conduct health checks and fulfil the traditional role of a field guide or game ranger.Read more

Eulogy to a Moratorium

The commodification of any animal species, let alone one as magnificent and vulnerable as rhino, is not only problematic, but counter-productive. Conservation, and those truly committed to the cause would no doubt agree, is about sustainable preservation. For its own sake. So that the generations yet to come will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of this world. It is certainly not done to line the pockets of and further enrich those private land owners fortunate enough to ‘own’ these animals.Read more

Hunting the Hunters

Highly controversial allegations made by South African opposition party the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), regarding extrajudicial behavior by South African National Parks (SANParks), raises a number of important questions about the country’s ongoing struggle against poaching.Read more

The Enemy Within

This article was initially meant to discuss how we can potentially address manpower efficiencies in the anti-poaching sector and was initially due to be posted by the end of June. Yet, as the adage goes, “no plan survives contact”. Although, I’d prefer to think that no plan fully survives contact. If the entire plan falls apart once the first shots are fired, then either your plan was wholly ill-conceived or there is no point in planning in the first place!Read more

Only the Man Who Isn’t Rowing Has Time to Rock the Boat

Veterans for Wildlife is a conservation-orientated organisation. If you’re reading this article, you probably know that already. In fact, you will have more than likely seen myriad posts about the poaching crisis, how we are attempting to address the situation, what role you could play and so on. And we’re not the only ones! Poaching is a global concern and its increasing impact is firmly embedded in our collective psyche.Read more

Grunts, Dinosaurs and Second Chances

As Veterans for Wildlife Ambassadors Jason Fox and Aldo Kane highlight, spending time amongst and caring for the animals is both humbling and emotional. And it is this recognition that provided the impetus for the Wellness Programme and Footprints of Hope more specifically.Read more

Hidden in Plain Sight

In recent weeks and months there has been multiple reports of foreign nationals being arrested at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg for attempting to smuggle rhino horn out of the country. Such arrests are welcome and it is reassuring to note that the security measures currently in place at South Africa’s ports of entry and exit are indeed functioning, to some degree at least.Read more

A Volunteer's Perspective

It has been a privilege to have worked with Veterans For Wildlife and everyone at the Nambiti Game Reserve over the last ten days, providing the dedicated and highly professional in house anti-poaching unit with essential tactical training and support.Read more

What do Foreign Forces Know About Anti-Poaching?

Whether one wishes to acknowledge it or not, the fight against wildlife crime and poaching in particular is already ‘militarised’. One need merely take stock of the number of shooting incidents that occur, the weapons and other equipment in circulation, as well as the relevant tactics employed in the field by poachers and anti-poaching rangers alike.Read more

The One Important Reason Why You Should Visit South Africa Before it's Too Late

To paraphrase the famous quote, there are things that we simply don’t understand. But by recognizing this fact, we are able to seek the answers and expand our knowledge. This, of course, is the first step in the journey to knowing and understanding those things that we aren’t even aware of yet.Read more

Back in the Fight: a Digger's Tale

Veterans for Wildlife team member, and renowned author Tony Park, has his say... When I was contacted by Veterans for Wildlife to help out with their public relations my initial reaction, beyond offering a bit of advice, was to say no. While I did work in public relations in the past, I now write novels set in Africa for a living and in my mind I was done both with PR and anything military-related.Read more

Q & A With One of the Team

Following on from the launch of our Save a Life campaign, whereby Veterans for Wildlife are asking our supporters as well as members of the public to donate funds for the purchase of medical equipment, Wild Crowd facilitated a question and answer session with Paul Brodrick.Read more