Is it an EPIC African Adventure with challenges around every corner, wild animals, deserts, canyons, mountain ranges, forests, lakes, oceans and national parks… a chance to meet great people, experience different foods, cultures and traditions the most incredible opportunity to see the very best of Africa?

Join a Veterans for Wildlife team through these epic countries and have an experience of a lifetime whilst also raising money for veterans and wildlife!

The route is approximately, roughly, sort-of, in-the-region-of 8000km / 5000 miles, give or take 500km’ish.

Crews will be traveling across 6 incredible countries: South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique / Tanzania… If you end up in Angola, DRC or Kenya… you’ve probably gone too far!

What is included in the entry fee:

  • 1x limited entry on the Put Foot Rally!
  • Participant Goodie Bag – Official Rally Clothing, Info Pack and other goodies!
  • Vehicle Rally Pack – Official vehicle stickers, Crew numbers and other goodies!
  • 19 days of absolute insane fun and adventure across Southern Africa
  • 6 Official Checkpoints, including Registration Day
  • 6 locally flavoured only-in-Africa, mind-blowing dinners
  • 6 epic parties held across South Africa, Namibia,Botswana, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique
  • Directions for the rumoured Un-Official Checkpoints
  • The Recce team, including a recce of the entire route.
  • The Staff and Admin Teams, including a year of preparations, blood, sweat and tears!
  • A lifetime membership to the Put Foot Rally Family where you will meet fascinating people from around the world, whom you will spend 19 glorious days together having the time of your life, forging life-long memories and friendships!
  • Charity preparations: Shoe Drops, including all the costs associated with transport of hundreds of pairs of shoes to the various countries where shoe drops will be conducted.

What is not included

  • Travel costs to the Start Line
  • Cost of fuel, equipment, insurance etc
  • Border Crossing / National Park Fees
  • Medical (there is none) or Vaccinations (i.e Yellow Fever, Malaria)
  • Daily sustenance
  • Camping Fees at checkpoints
  • Additional activities: i.e White River Rafting in Zambia

For more information about the actual rally click here

Registration fee is £500 and minimum fundraising target is £1000. All profits go to supporting Veterans for Wildlife's projects in South Africa and Namibia