The Great Wall of China starts at the Yellow Sea and stretches 2,700 miles across mountains, valleys, rivers and plains to the Gobi Desert. The wall’s crenellated ramparts and watchtowers were built to instil fear in the marauding Mongolian horsemen. Today, it instils wonder in the marauding trekkers and, with only one week out of the office, this is a fabulous trip of a lifetime.

We hike along the atmospheric, crumbling section at Gubeikou known as the ‘Wild Wall’, with its unkempt paths and ruined watchtowers. At Mutianyu we trek along restored stretches of the wall, enabling us to appreciate the sheer scale and might of the wall in all its glory. Panoramic views stretch to distant misty mountains, over peaceful woodland and terraced fields to exposed ridges and majestic peaks. Hunkered into the mountains, the wall disappears into valleys and reappears over mountaintops, snaking
its way to the far horizon.

For the adrenaline junkies amongst us, we descend by luge, hurtling down the 1,000 ft mountainside in just two hairraising minutes! Away from the wall, we trek in the Black Dragon Pool Park, a spectacular nature reserve set in a deep valley with waterfalls, towering cliffs, crystal clear pools and traditional Chinese buildings.

On our return to Beijing, we visit Tiananmen Square and take a tour of the Forbidden City before enjoying our last dinner together and toasting our wonderful trek along the Great Wall of China. Why not have a look at the brochure?

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