Alan is a veteran of the British Army, having served in an infantry unit with extensive experience in conflict theatres. After leaving the Armed Forces he lived and worked extensively throughout the Middle East and Africa. Where his passion for wildlife and conservation grew, having seen first hand the impact of poaching on the world's endangered species.

Having completed anti-poaching projects throughout several national parks across Africa, with a focus on South Africa, Alan brings a wealth of frontline and hands-on experience to Veterans for Wildlife, with an emphasis on the latest tactical knowledge and proven practices. As a Trustee Alan plays a role in the selection and recruitment of volunteers as well as providing support to projects and teams on the ground.
For me, being able to share my experiences and skills and develop those at the forefront of anti-poaching operations is something that brings me great joy. Being able to help protect the lives of the Rangers and assist in the protection of endangered animals is one of the most fulfilling opportunities of my life.