My early years I grew up in a large family of six children and from an early age, my love of animals grew. Sports were also a big part of my life and I was a very keen gymnast representing my county. My weekends were also filled with horse riding competing at local shows, show jumping and mounted games. I have a fierce competitive streak and set myself high standards in whatever area I’m involved in.

I’ve worked in finance, the oil and gas industry and spent four years abroad in San Francisco when I left school which was hugely beneficial for my confidence and self-confidence.

After spending many years being at home with my children as Darren was away for many months of the year, I got myself back into education and qualified as a counsellor which I enjoyed immensely as I feel very passionate about helping people with mental health issues and currently have a holistic wellbeing business and am the proud owner of two accolades.

Myself and Darren have run and organised 4 golf day and gala dinners for The Brain Tumour Trust and raised just short of 500k, we then took a two-year break from events when I came across Veterans for Wildlife and the rest is history. What I find particularly rewarding is that it helps rehabilitate veterans and give them purpose whilst tackling the huge problem of endangered species threatened with extinction. My love of animals has always been endless, especially when I see cruelty or neglect and have rescued dogs over the years and reaped the rewards of giving them a loving home. I look forward to raising as much awareness as possible and giving veterans and wildlife conservation the support they deserve.