Some of Rosie's achievements:

She was part of the first all-women relay team to reach The North Pole (1997); a member of the world's first all-female team to reach The South Pole; she conducted a solo expedition of 1,000 miles with no resupplies and a sledge weighing in excess of 120 kg to The South Pole; she smashed all previous speed records reaching the Pole in 43 days (fastest previously some 64 days); as well as, an epic, record-breaking expedition which has yet to be bettered.  Rosie walked alone on the treacherous and violent arctic frozen ocean for 84 days before the ice disintegrated beyond any possibility of continuing. She had gone further than any other solo female attempt by several hundred nautical miles – setting another world record.

Rosie uses her public profile to help charities. To date, those have included Special Olympics & The War Veteran Society.

Historically, her expeditions have enjoyed the privilege of the Patronage of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.

On each of the expeditions, Rosie undertakes research  –  meteorological, environmental and physiological. In the Arctic, she has supported Inuit Community project work.