In a week in which we saw the global strike for climate take place, the British Prime Minister has made a bold commitment to the future.

Boris Johnson has unveiled £1.2 billion in funding for new efforts to tackle the climate emergency and protect endangered species. The formal announcement is due to take place at the annual gathering of world leaders at the United Nation in New York.

The vast majority of this sum, £1 billion, will be set aside for UK inventors to seek funding for high-tech initiatives. Such as renewable energy and lower levels of pollutants.

A separate fund, amounting to approximately £220 million, will be established to tackle the erosion of biodiversity, focusing on desperately endangered species such as the black rhino and Sumatran tiger.

However, Veterans for Wildlife understands that this smaller fund is only an initial investment by the UK government, with additional contributions to be made over time.

The money will be targeted at better law enforcement to protect environments, prevent poaching and hamper the trade in illegal wildlife goods. And this is precisely the sort of work that Veterans for Wildlife has been supporting and engaged in across Africa since 2016.

On the issue of biodiversity, Boris Johnson said:

It is a privilege to share our planet with such majestic beasts as the African elephant, the black rhino and the beautiful pangolin. We cannot just sit back and watch as priceless endangered species are wiped off the face of the earth by our own carelessness and criminality.

Indeed, Veterans for Wildlife is not sitting back, and you can learn more about the work that we do by exploring our projects, below.

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