Veterans for Wildlife has taken swift action to investigate and resolve an alleged irregularity in its accounts.


On learning of alleged irregular funding transfers and spending for apparently unauthorised purposes, the Board of Trustees of the charity commenced an internal investigation into a former member of the organisation.


The member in question has been requested to explain their actions and account for the alleged irregular transactions.  Failure to properly account for these alleged regularities has resulted in the Metropolitan Police and the appropriate regulatory authority, the Charity Commission, being notified.


The Trustees of Veterans for Wildlife have acted swiftly to ensure that donor funds are protected.  The Trustees have agreed to underwrite costs in question, pending the resolution of the ongoing investigations.


Veterans for Wildlife is an organisation that values the support of its donors, volunteers and staff and is committed to adhering to and exceeding regulations relating to accountability and expenditure. Accordingly, the organisation took proactive action on this matter as soon our accountants discovered the alleged anomalies.


These investigations have not affected our support for current conservation and wildlife crime prevention programs.  This important work, being carried out by dedicated staff and volunteers, will not be affected or compromised by the current investigation and it is ‘business as usual’ for Veterans for Wildlife.

Any queries may be directed to the Chair of the Board of Trustees via [email protected]