This week Veterans for Wildlife, through the support of Protection Vessels International (PVI), was able to donate life-saving equipment to the anti-poaching rangers and security staff at the Rhino Pride Foundation.

Through our presence and partnerships on the ground in South Africa, Veterans for Wildlife is channelling much-needed material support to where it is needed most. The ballistic vests and body armour donated to the Rhino Pride Foundation is just one such example; and, will no doubt keep the rangers a little bit safer as they tirelessly fulfil their role of ensuring that the animals under their care are safe from harm.

As a veteran-operated organisation, Veterans for Wildlife has a unique understanding of the challenges that anti-poaching rangers face on a daily basis. The job is both physically and emotionally demanding, akin to the pressures experienced by serving military personnel. And this says nothing of the parallels in respect of the personal dangers experienced when deployed in the field. Whilst the powers that be may wish to downplay the serious nature of the war on poaching, for the men and women at its sharp end, this crisis is at times as close to combat as we’ve seen.

Hence the need to properly prepare and equip the personnel who stand between the rhino, elephant and other vulnerable species and those dedicated to hunting and butchering them for their body parts.

Veterans for Wildlife encourages all organisations and individuals, working to combat wildlife crime and in need of materiel and other support, to contact us without delay!