We are incredibly excited to confirm a brand new project and partnership! Earlier this year Veterans for Wildlife responded to a request from the Zoological Society of London for support in delivering bespoke training in West Africa.

ZSL has been overseeing training for agents of the Ministry of Forests and Wildlife in Cameroon, with a focus on law enforcement, for some time. Within the context of this programme and its ongoing requirements, Veterans for Wildlife put out a notice in the Association of Retired Police Officers newsletter seeking suitably qualified and experienced individuals willing and able to deliver a basic law enforcement training course.

The response was nothing short of overwhelming, with well over one hundred suitable applicants reaching out and offering up their time in support of the prevention of wildlife crime. A three-person training team has now been confirmed and will be deploying to Cameroon very shortly!

Veterans for Wildlife would like to thank all of those who volunteered to work with our partners and us on this project. Indeed, it is exhilarating to be associated with an entirely new community of former service personnel. Our policemen and women have a considerable contribution to make in ensuring the ongoing protection of endangered species as well as delivering critical capacity-building programmes for those employed on the frontline of this fight.

Rest assured, there will be further opportunities for AORP members to volunteer with Veterans for Wildlife, so keep your eyes on the newsletter as well as Veterans for Wildlife’s own social media channels.

Finally, we would like to send a massive thank you to Maj Gen Mick Laurie for his ongoing support for Veterans for Wildlife and for opening the door to the AORP.