Veterans for Wildlife is very proud to announce that we will be deploying two volunteers, Tony and Sam, next month in collaboration with CSIR and SANParks. The volunteers will be assisting in the operation of the new Postcode Meerkat system. The Meerkat is a Wide Area Surveillance System and is a major force multiplier for the hard working rangers deployed in the Kruger National Park. Since it became operational, the Meerkat has been responsible for the arrest of numerous poachers and prevented the killing of dozens of rhinos. 

According to Mark McGill, Technical Operations Manager at SANParks, the system is able to deliver real-time actionable intelligence. Previously, most of the intelligence the Kruger National Park Mission Area Joint Operations Centre was receiving was out-of-date and not very useful. Now, rangers are better able to apprehend poachers before they even kill a rhino. "Every rhino we save is a success," he said. In the area where the Meerkat has been operating, not a single rhino has been lost in spite of dozens of poacher incursions.

Veterans for Wildlife are very excited to be involved with a project showing such promising results. We look forward to sharing more information on this with our donors and supporters in the near future. As always, we could not undertake these very important projects without the support of you, the public. Please support this valuable project.

Postcode Meerkat on Defence Web