In a major speech on the environment, the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, unveiled the government's 25-year strategic plan to improve the environment for future generations. The plan includes pledges to eliminate avoidable waste, as well as to introduce new safeguards for wildlife and connect more children with nature.

Veterans for Wildlife applaud the new UK Secretary of Environment Michael Gove on his proactive approach to protecting the environment and wildlife. This is just one of Gove’s recent actions aimed at safeguarding the UK’s environment and wildlife for future generations.

The plan, which is a world first, sets out to:

  • Help the UK’s wildlife thrive by creating new habitat for endangered species (500 000 hectares), replenishing depleted soils and funding the creation of a new Northern Forest (£5.7 million), and supporting farmers to turn unused fields into meadows and other habitats.
  • Become the world leader in environmental protection by investigating the feasibility of an anti-poaching taskforce to tackle the illegal wildlife trade, extend the UK’s network of maritime protected areas, and commit overseas aid to help developing nations combat plastic waste.
  • Connect people with nature by creating ‘nature friendly schools’ and reviewing National Parks to see how they can improve and whether the network should be extended.

Respecting nature’s intrinsic value and making sure we are wise stewards of our natural world is critical if we are to leave the environment in a better state than we inherited it.

Micheal Gove

This is one giant step in the right direction and the Veterans for Wildlife team applaud Gove and May for taking leadership in regard to safeguarding the environment and wildlife.

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