In September two volunteers will join the Veterans for Wildlife team and deploy to Nambiti Game Reserve in order to train their in-house anti-poaching unit. Nambiti Game Reserve is situated in Kwa-Zulu Natal and is steadily becoming one of the foremost private reserves in Africa; a vision driven by passionate, committed people with a deep love and respect for their heritage. With the establishment of successful development programmes, the reserve will continue to benefit and enrich the local people. The training programme facilitated and delivered by Veterans for Wildlife will focus on low-level tactical training and basic fieldcraft, all with a view to improving the operational efficiency and effectiveness of Nambiti's rangers. This exciting project is just one of the ways in which Veterans for Wildlife is helping on the ground, all made possible by committed and highly-experienced volunteers such as Mark and Dale.

Mark was born in Hong Kong in 1984 and brought up in the former British colony until its handover in 1996. He was sent to boarding school in England in order to receive a 'traditional British education' where he found a love for sports and developed a keen interest for history and the military. After studying history at Nottingham University, where he also captained the University boxing team, Mark decided to join the British Army. With a craving for adventure and a desire to do something worthwhile (and despite the protests of his parents), he was accepted to undertake the Regular Officers' Commissioning Course at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2006. Mark went on to serve for 7 years, excelling in the training of personnel, and reaching the rank of Captain. During this time, Mark found his passion for conservation and a love for Africa whilst working in Kenya. After a diverse career and tour in Afghanistan in 2012, Mark decided to embark on a new challenge and return to civilian life. Since then he has established his own successful company and works with FTSE 100 companies consulting and advising on communication and marketing solutions. Still an impassioned wildlife conservationist, and with greater freedom afforded by leaving the Army, Mark now dedicates his energy, resources and skills to directly supporting projects in Africa and helping protect the wildlife for future generations.

Mark will be supported on the ground by former Royal Marine Commando, Dale, a security operations specialist with over 12 years of experience. Having served operational tours in both Iraq & Afghanistan, followed by time spent as a Maritime Security Liaison Team Leader, Dale brings a wealth of practical experience to the Veterans for Wildlife team. He has deployed onboard over 40 different multinational vessels belonging to some of the world’s most recognisable corporations, such as BP, Maersk, MSC, P&O, Cunard & Kuwait Oil. Accumulating well in excess of 1100 days at sea in remote areas of the world, implementing complex procedures in order to protect personnel, passengers & assets of extremely high value from acts of piracy, terrorism, robbery & stowaways.

Veterans for Wildlife are delighted to have both Mark and Dale volunteer their time in order to assist in the training, development and ongoing support of the anti-poaching rangers at Nambiti Game Reserve.

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