Veterans for Wildlife are extremely pleased to announce that we, and our CEO Wes Thomson, have been featured in last month’s Security Institute members' newsletter. The Security Institute is the UK’s leading professional body for security professionals and as such it is a great honour for Veterans for Wildlife to be given an opportunity and platform to discuss our work.

As you know, Veterans for Wildlife is dedicated to the prevention of wildlife crime and the concurrent empowerment of veterans transitioning into civilian life. But, underpinning the conservation and social issues, is a very real security concern. From global policing initiatives through to paramilitary operations on the ground in Africa, the fight against poaching is of great interest to the broader security community.

And we at Veterans for Wildlife are very much committed to promoting best-in-class (wildlife) security practices within those organisations that we have partnered with on the ground. From command and control SOPs, through detention and evidence gathering procedures, as well as intelligence gathering and exploitation. The objective at all times is to help the dedicated teams deployed in the field to attain and maintain the highest possible standards, whilst always being sure to take cognizance of local experience and circumstances. If this can be achieved, then, it is hoped, the success rate in combatting wildlife crime will increase exponentially.

You can read Wes’ full article in the Security Institute newsletter here. We look forward to receiving any and all feedback from our community.