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About Veterans for Wildlife

Veterans for Wildlife is an international charity committed to the protection of wildlife and the world’s critically endangered species. By deploying highly skilled and experienced former service personnel, Veterans for Wildlife aims to play a key role in conservation and the prevention of wildlife crime.Read more


Pangolins are the most trafficked animal in the world with scientists estimating that over one million pangolins have been poached from the wild and illegally traded in the past decade. All eight species of Pangolin are classified by the IUCN as threatened with extinction.Read more

African Elephant

An Elephant is killed every 15 minutes with around 90% of African Elephants being wiped out in the last century. Elephants are being poached at a greater rate than they are reproducing, meaning the species could be extinct in the next decade.

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African Rhino

One rhino is killed every eight hours for its horn which on the black market is more expensive than gold or cocaine, gram for gram. In South Africa alone, which is home to the worlds largest population of rhino, 1054 rhino were poached in 2016.

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Thanks to our very generous volunteers, donors and partners, Veterans for Wildlife is in a position to play a direct role in the protection of wildlife. Critical resource shortfalls can be addressed by drawing on Veterans for Wildlife's global network of partners and unique insights at ground-level. Both of which are by-products of the time and effort we invest in building meaningful relationships with stakeholders at all levels.Read more


By providing what is for many ex-service personnel a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Veterans for Wildlife is playing a critical role in the development of these individuals as they transition out of military life. One simply cannot deny the magic of Africa - all those who travel here can't help but fall in love with her. As an organization, Veterans for Wildlife has witnessed first hand the positive personal impact that time spent in the bushveld has had on our people.Read more


Arguably one of the most important aspects of what Veterans for Wildlife does is capacity-building at ground-level. Local people and local organizations are ultimately the only ones who can arrest the poaching crisis in its tracks and reverse the damage already done. But they need our collective assistance.Read more

Our Projects

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Why Volunteer

Protect, educate, empower! The reasons to volunteer with Veterans for Wildlife are many and clear. Whether it be rhino and pangolin, through elephant and on to lion and even antelope, Africa's wildlife is under extreme threat. Poaching, low-level wildlife crime and habitat destruction are all applying unsustainable levels of pressure on to our natural heritage.Read more

Where You Can Go

With stunning scenery, friendly people, great food and wine and an abundance of wildlife South Africa is a safari-goer’s paradise. However, it’s the very fact that South Africa has been so successful in years gone by protecting its populations of rhinoceros (it has the largest concentration of rhinos in the world), elephants and other endangered game that makes it a target for poachers.Read more


In order to be eligible for a deployable volunteer role with Veterans for Wildlife, prospective candidates need to meet certain basic requirements. These requirements are not intended as a barrier to entry, but rather to ensure that the charity is exercising due diligence as well as supporting our target audience.

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