Empowering veterans to aid in the prevention of wildlife crime.

Our Objectives:

Veterans for Wildlife is an international charity committed to the protection of wildlife and the world’s critically endangered species. By deploying highly-skilled and experienced former service personnel, Veterans for Wildlife aims to play a critical role in conservation and the ongoing prevention of wildlife crime. 

As a people-centred organisation, Veterans for Wildlife has two primary objectives: 

  • Supporting conservation entities and rangers at the grassroots level; and
  • The empowerment and development of individuals from across the uniformed services. 

By facilitating critical capacity-building programmes, Veterans for Wildlife aims to develop the skill-set and operational effectiveness of anti-poaching rangers. Moreover, these programmes offer a unique opportunity to veterans, transitioning into civilian life, to continue to make a positive impact on society.

Legal Status:

Veterans for Wildlife is a registered charity in England and Wales (1167815), as well as a registered Public Benefit Organisation in South Africa as Veterans for Wildlife South Africa (930058096).