Anti-poaching rangers are employed in dangerous environments. Over and above the potential threat posed by armed poachers, the rangers are exposed to multiple natural hazards. Patrolling at night across arduous terrain, extreme temperatures, poisonous animals, as well as big game are all a constant threat. What is more, existing casualty evacuation plans in many locations are not suitably robust enough to extract injured personnel within the critical time frame.

Thus, being able to look after oneself as well as one’s teammates is a critical skill for rangers deployed in the field. The right level of training, supported by appropriate equipment, allows rangers to provide immediate life-saving support to casualties and keep those casualties stable until they can be extracted to a suitable medical facility.

Veterans for Wildlife is directly employed in the provision of such critical training, through the deployment of highly skilled and experienced volunteers. All of which is overseen by our Project Coordinator registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), as well a numerous international bodies. These medical deployments occur on a regular basis, for numerous organizations across the country.

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