Native South African Paul Brodrick left his home country to join the British military and saw service in Iraq and Afghanistan, and later passed on the benefit of his wartime and civilian experience as a Veterans for Wildlife volunteer.


While Paul served with the Royal Marines in the Middle East in a front-line combat role, since leaving the military he has trained as a paramedic. He holds qualifications from the United Kingdom, United States as well as South Africa. A lover of the African bush, Paul wanted to find a way to do something to help the continent’s endangered wildlife.


As a volunteer with Veterans for Wildlife, Paul has spent time with a number of anti-poaching units in the Greater Kruger Park as well as KwaZulu-Natal, delivering critical first aid training.


I wanted to do my bit and to empower the people who are tasked with trying to curb poaching,” Paul said. These men and women are ultimately in a similar role to what people like me have done in Iraq and Afghanistan - they are put in harm’s way as the line between the animals they’re trying to protect and those who are trying kill them.