Jason Trommer

Born in New York City, Jason Trommer commissioned in 2015 as an officer in the US Army’s military police corps.Read more

Aimée Led the First Black Mamba Senior Command Course

Aimée led the first ever Black Mamba senior command courseRead more

Mark Spent Two Weeks Training 30 Rangers at Nambiti Game Reserve

Mark spent two weeks training 30 rangers at Nambiti Game ReserveRead more

Thomas O'Sullivan

Watching a rhino being dehorned was both the highlight and low point of former Royal Marine Thomas ‘Sully’ O’Sullivan’s deployment to Africa as a volunteer with Veterans for Wildlife.Read more

Dermot Kavanagh

Dermot spent two weeks in the Kruger National Park on the Meerkat ProjectRead more

Jovika Wiese

Jovika works as Veterans for Wildlife's lead clinical Psychologist and heads up the Footprints of Hope programmeRead more

Paul is Veterans for Wildlife's Lead Medical Instructor

Paul is a registered paramedic and former Royal Marine and no heads up Veterans for Wildlife's medical training packagesRead more