Mike Deployed as the Lead Instructor on a New Project in Cameroon

In February 2019, Michael deployed as the Lead Instructor for a Veterans for Wildlife team tasked with delivering basic law enforcement training in Cameroon. Read more

Jason Brought Critical Analytical Skills to the Conservation Sector

Our first-ever American volunteer, Jason Trommer was born in New York City, and commissioned in 2015 as an Officer in the United States Army’s Military Police Corps. Read more

Aimée Led the First Ever Black Mambas Senior Command Course

Aimée led the first ever Black Mambas senior command, leadership and management course. Empowering the ladies to develop in their careers in the conservation sector. Read more

Mark Spent Two Weeks Training 30 Rangers at Nambiti Game Reserve

Mark spent two weeks training thirty rangers at Nambiti Game Reserve in fieldcraft, weapon handling and other practical skills. Read more

Thomas O'Sullivan Deployed to a Game Reserve as a Security and Risk Consultant

Thomas 'Sully' O'Sullivan brought over a decade of experienced to bear when he volunteered to help support a South African game reserve improve their security and risk management procedures. Read more

Dermot Volunteers Regularly in the UK and South Africa

Dermot Kavanagh is a regular volunteer, deploying to South Africa in support of projects on the ground, as well as working to educate children back home. Read more

Jovika is Helping Veterans Struggling with Mental Health Issues

Jovika works as Veterans for Wildlife's lead clinical psychologist and heads up the Footprints of Hope programme. Working to support veterans with mental health issues. Read more

Paul is Veterans for Wildlife's Lead Medical Instructor

Paul, a former Royal Marine Commando, is a registered paramedic and private security consultant who now heads up Veterans for Wildlife's medical training packages. Read more