Poaching and wildlife crime is a global issue - one that transcends national boundaries. As such, Veterans for Wildlife were extremely excited to be afforded the opportunity to expand our operations into West Africa at the beginning of 2019.

Veterans for Wildlife, in partnership with the Zoological Society of London, has begun delivering critical capacity-building training programmes to the frontline agents of the Ministry of Forests and Wildlife in Cameroon. Covering topics as diverse as basic law enforcement, to tactical patrolling as well as intelligence collection and agent handling. Thereby ensuring that the rangers are as well-prepared as possible for the extremely challenging role that they are required to fulfil.

The nature of this training and the unique environment in which it is delivered necessitates that we draw upon volunteers from across the spectrum of uniformed services. For the first time, Veterans for Wildlife has deployed former police officers alongside our more traditional former military volunteers. This represents an exciting step in the development of the charity, as we begin to work with a brand new community of ‘veterans’, who have a considerable amount of value to add in the prevention of wildlife crime.

As this new partnership develops, Veterans for Wildlife is very excited to expand its footprint in-country and play an even more significant role in supporting ZSL and the Ministry of Forests and Wildlife develop a team of highly effective and efficient rangers.