Your organisation's staff can support the work Veterans for Wildlife does in a variety of ways ranging from naming us as your organisation's "charity of the year" through to fundraising at work and ad hoc fundraising events.

Workplace Giving:

Staff can give a donation to Veterans for Wildlife regularly (usually monthly) through payroll. This provides Veterans for Wildlife with a sustainable fundraising model and helps us achieve our objectives. 

You can support your employees’ choice to donate to Veterans for Wildlife by matching employees’ donations. This will double the impact of their contribution and show your employees that their company cares equally about a cause which matters to them.


Fundraise for Veterans for Wildlife:

Are your staff passionate about empowering veterans and preventing wildlife crime? By partnering with Veterans for Wildlife for a fundraising initiative, your employees could reach even the most ambitious of fundraising targets. Veterans for Wildlife will help tailor your organisation's fundraising activities and support you every step of the way!



Veterans for Wildlife have many exciting and challenging events for your employees to get involved with. Increase employee engagement and team building while aiding Veterans for Wildlife to empower veterans and prevent wildlife crime by getting involved in some iconic events, such as the London Marathon, Ride London, 94.7 Cycle Race, the Argus, and many more. 


Pro Bono Work and Gifts in Kind:

We know that your company and employees have skills to offer in addition to taking on volunteering and fundraising activities for us. By providing pro bono work, your employees can use their expertise for the benefit of both Veterans for Wildlife's frontline services and our back-office departments.

We are always grateful for Gifts in Kind which complement our fundraising activities, and which demonstrate your company’s commitment to Veterans for Wildlife and the work we do.

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