The learning process flows both ways. Just as Veterans for Wildlife volunteers have a wealth of experience and knowledge to impart, so too do they have much to learn themselves.

By providing what is for many ex-service personnel a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Veterans for Wildlife is playing a critical role in the development of these individuals as they transition out of military life. One simply cannot deny the magic of Africa - all those who travel here can't help but fall in love with her beauty. As an organisation, Veterans for Wildlife has witnessed first-hand the positive personal impact that time spent in the bushveld has had on our people.

This can be attributed to the serenity of the environment, the opportunity to broaden one's horizons amongst and learn from people from different cultures, being involved in a cause greater than oneself, and ultimately empathizing with the vulnerable animals at the heart of what we do.

Over and above these indirect influences, Veterans for Wildlife aims to assist the veteran community through direct interventions. A host of training, wellness and employment opportunities are available, via our generous donors and partners, to individuals that are part of the Veterans for Wildlife family.