Andrew Crichton

As Chief Operating Officer of Veterans for Wildlife, I have key insight into the conditions on the ground and the needs of the rangers. Constantly engaging with our partners in South Africa, I have witnessed firsthand how hard the men and women deployed in the field work, as well as the very real support that they require.

Therefore, in August 2018, I will running the Skukuza Half Marathon in the heart of the Kruger National Park in order to raise funds for the rangers and Veterans for Wildlife. But this won't be any ordinary half marathon!

Running 21 kms in the South African bushveld, on the frontline of the poaching epidemic, I will be carrying 60 lbs and attempting to break the World Record for the fastest half marathon carrying the same weight.

My purpose?

Over and above raising funds, I want to raise awareness and highlight the extreme nature of the work being undertaken by rangers across the country. In the same environment, carrying the same type of equipment and covering the typical distances expected of rangers on a daily basis.

If you wish to support me in my endeavor, I am running this fundraiser on a slightly different basis. A variant of pay-as-you-go! The fundraising tiers below detail time brackets. You can sponsor me to break one of these times. If I do, then your pledge is due. If I miss the time that you pledged, then you don't pay!

03h00 + £0
03h00 - 02h55 £5
02h55 - 02h50 £10
02h50 - 02h45 £15
02h45 - 02h40 £50
02h40 - 02h35 £70
02h35 - 02h30 £150
02h30 - 02h25 £200
02h25 - 02h20 £500
02h20 - 02h15 £750
02h15 - 02h10 £1,250
Sub 02h10 World Record £2,000



Andrew Crichton