Veterans for Wildlife are excited to share a fantastic new project that will empower communities, support veterans, promote conservation and aid in the prevention of wildlife crime.

Loziba is a brand new game reserve that is being established in northern KwaZulu-Natal. The reserve will be composed of more than 70% community-owned land and less than 30% privately owned land and will ultimately cover an area of approximately 40,000-hectares. Veterans for Wildlife has been approached to develop and manage the security and risk structures of this new game reserve. This will involve recruiting, training and operating a local anti-poaching unit as well as coordinating the day-to-day security functions across the reserve.

One of the primary objectives in establishing this fantastic new game reserve is to work with the local communities; ultimately empowering them through various economic and job-creation initiatives. Work in this regard has already begun with the help of Project Rhino and Rhino Art, who have been travelling to schools and communities surrounding the planned reserve, conducting educational workshops on the importance of wildlife conservation and what the new reserve will mean for these individuals.

By providing stable employment to families in the region, it is hoped that the Loziba initiative will be addressing one of the root causes of poaching - poverty.

What is more, the establishment of this new game reserve will ensure the continued survival of a local herd of elephants, as well as the reintroduction of black rhinos in the area. The achievement of which would represent a significant conservation success story for KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and the world!