Our expansion into Namibia began in 2018 when Veterans for Wildlife were invited to work in support of and alongside anti-poaching rangers operating in the north of the country. Namibia has, in recent years, adopted a far more coordinated approach to the prevention of wildlife crime and rhino poaching in particular. The military, police, national conservation agencies and private sector actors have sought to share intelligence, pool resources and deconflict activities at ground level.

And it is within this context that Veterans for Wildlife has launched operations in and around Etosha National Park. Our volunteers are deployed as Operations Managers in the reserves bordering and forming part of the collective security structures of the National Park itself.

The volunteers’ role is to ensure that the rangers under their guidance are operating as effectively and efficiently as possible, all the while communicating and coordinating with stakeholders across the region. Drawing upon decades of relevant experience, Veterans for Wildlife volunteers add a much-needed layer of command and control in support of our project partners.

Veterans for Wildlife is in the process of registering as a Non-Profit Organisation in Namibia and with this status will see the expansion of our role across the country. Our aim, as always, is to provide additional capacity to and empower local authorities.