Veterans for Wildlife has adopted a multi-pronged approach to making a positive difference on a truly global scale. Our overarching vision can best be encapsulated in the phrase: veterans for wildlife and wildlife for veterans. What does this mean?

Simply put, at the outset we recognised the positive impact that former service personnel could play in the conservation sector in Africa. Through embedding highly-skilled and experienced individuals into existing organisations and programmes, Veterans for Wildlife is able to improve the operational effectiveness and efficiency of these ground-level initiatives.

But the benefit doesn't stop there. It isn't a one-way process. Through time spent in the African bushveld, interacting with individuals from different cultures and with different life experiences, coming face-to-face with Africa's magnificent wildlife, and ultimately committing themselves to a positive calling, our volunteers benefit too.

Working together, for the common good, everybody wins. Especially, the vulnerable and voiceless animals at the heart of what we do.


Thanks to our very generous volunteers, donors and partners, Veterans for Wildlife is in a position to play a direct role in the protection of Africa's wildlife.

To be clear, Veterans for Wildlife does not place personnel in armed, so-called 'front line' roles. This function necessarily needs to be fulfilled by local citizens employed by the appropriate authorities - tasked by government or duly authorised by law enforcement to do so.

However, the brave men and women at the sharp end of anti-poaching operations cannot do the job in isolation. They require support - operational support. And this is where Veterans for Wildlife personnel come in to their own. Drawing on years of relevant, recent experience our volunteers are able to plug capacity gaps in areas such as intelligence, surveillance, communications and other functions.

Moreover critical resource shortfalls can be addressed by drawing upon Veterans for Wildlife's global network of partners and unique insights at ground-level. Both of which are by-products of the time and effort we invest in building meaningful relationships with stakeholders at all levels.

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