Protect, educate, empower! The reasons to volunteer with Veterans for Wildlife are many and clear. Whether it be rhino and pangolin, through elephant and on to lion and even giraffe, Africa's wildlife is under extreme threat. Poaching, low-level wildlife crime and habitat destruction are all applying unsustainable levels of pressure on to our natural heritage.

At the heart of this issue are people. Across the continent there are Field Guides, Game Rangers and Anti-Poaching Units working tirelessly to reverse the siege. These organisations and individuals face a daunting and dangerous challenge - often outnumbered, outgunned and lacking in materiel support.

This is where Veterans for Wildlife and, more importantly, you the prospective volunteer come in! Former service personnel posses a wealth of hard-won knowledge and experience, which is often not entirely or adequately employed in the civilian sector. Our projects offer volunteers from a broad spectrum of backgrounds to give something back to an undeniably worthy cause.

Volunteers stories

As we have already seen, Veterans for Wildlife projects have a meaningful and direct impact on the men and women at the receiving end. And you can be a part of it - changing someone's life for the better!

Yet, the benefit doesn't just flow one way. Deploying to Africa with Veterans for Wildlife is a fantastic and unique opportunity for prospective volunteers. Africa and the bushveld is a magical environment and we have witnessed first hand the positive impact that being immersed in this environment can have on individuals. Particularly as they make the often challenging transition from service to civilian life. More than this, though, Veterans for Wildlife projects have a tangible outcome for our volunteers.


Our projects


We essentially provide work experience in the civilian sector - a vital stepping stone - as well as continuous professional development opportunities through our partners. Veterans for Wildlife 'alumni' are eligible for a host of career courses from UK-based providers and, on numerous occasions, have even been offered permanent placements in South Africa at the culmination of their specific project.

Importantly, unlike many organisations, all we ask of you is your time and energy. There is no significant financial outlay expected of Veterans for Wildlife volunteers. Just as you are there to support the Rangers on the ground, Veterans for Wildlife is ultimately here to support you.