62 rangers trained in 1 year

Veterans for Wildlife volunteers spent 3240 hours on the ground supporting wildlife conservation entities and mentoring and training rangers in 2016/17.

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  • Footprints of Hope Dispatch

    Join us on Friday 29 June 2018 at 1700 BST, as the Veterans for Wildlife team tackles the question of mental health, PTSD, the potential role of animal-assisted therapy as well as our brand new project Footprints of Hope. Clinical psychologist Jovika Wiese will answer your questions live and discuss how Veterans for Wildlife aims to continue to support our veteran community. Read more

  • Rapid Introduction of Ivory Bill to Parliament

    Today the Ivory Bill will be introduced to Parliament. The introduction of this Bill means that robust measures set out last month by Environment Secretary, Michael Gove are a step closer to becoming law, and helping to protect elephants for future generations. The Bill covers ivory items of all ages, not only those produced after a certain date, subject to some narrow, carefully-defined exemptions. The maximum penalty for breaching the ban will be an unlimited fine or up to five years in jail. Read more

  • Raising Awareness at Grassroots

    Kingston schools are the new front in a local soldier’s fight against poaching in Africa. Dermot Kavanagh, 28, from Putney, recently returned from a trip to South Africa where he served as a volunteer in the fight against poaching and helped foil gangs of armed poachers who were aiming to kill endangered rhinos. Dermot will be speaking at Robin Hood Primary School on May 25, and St Paul’s Primary School on June 5. Read more

  • Appointment of New Trustee to the Veterans for Wildlife Board

    Veterans for Wildlife are extremely pleased to confirm the appointment of Major Genreal (Retd.) Johan Jooste to the Board of Trustees of our South African operations. Amongst other responsibilities, General Jooste leads the team responsible for protecting over 40% of the world's rhino. He is arguably one of the world's most qualified and experienced voices when it comes to the prevention of wildlife crime and conservation matters in Southern Africa. Read more


  • The Critical Role of Education

    We are on the verge of completely wiping out one of the most iconic animals to ever grace this planet. Rhinos, although not exactly the same as the ones which live in the African bush now, date back some 55 million years, but humans have been killing over 1000 rhinos a year, for the last 5 years, in South Africa alone. This is not sustainable, we have to be role models - role models to our children and role models to each other in order to prevent the rhinos from becoming extinct! Read more

  • A Volunteer's Perspective

    The only way I can describe it was life changing. There is something about being stopped in your tracks by a herd of magnificent elephant taking up the road that you just have to experience to understand. Or being woken up in the night by the distinctive call of the mighty lion, heard from kilometres around only for your eyes to open and fix onto the Milky Way that fills the night sky above you. They are memories that will stick with me forever. Read more

  • Q & A With One of the Team

    Following on from the launch of our Save a Life campaign, whereby Veterans for Wildlife are asking our supporters as well as members of the public to donate funds for the purchase of medical equipment, Wild Crowd facilitated a question and answer session with Paul Brodrick. Read more

  • Back in the Fight: a Digger's Tale

    Veterans for Wildlife team member, and renowned author Tony Park, has his say... When I was contacted by Veterans for Wildlife to help out with their public relations my initial reaction, beyond offering a bit of advice, was to say no. While I did work in public relations in the past, I now write novels set in Africa for a living and in my mind I was done both with PR and anything military-related. Read more