62 rangers trained in 1 year

Veterans for Wildlife volunteers spent 3240 hours on the ground supporting wildlife conservation entities and mentoring and training rangers in 2016/17.

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Thanks to our very generous volunteers, donors and partners, Veterans for Wildlife is in a position to play a direct role in the protection of wildlife.




  • Launch of The Cull by Tony Park

    Veterans for Wildlife has been built on the commitment and hard work of volunteers from across the world; including our ‘permanent staff’, who freely give of their time and expertise simply to play their part for the most worthy of causes. Chief among them is acclaimed Australian author Tony Park. Read more

  • On the Ground Saving Lives

    After an eventful 10 days, Veterans for Wildlife’s latest project comes to a close. Our regular volunteer Paul has been in the Sabi region of the Greater Kruger National Park providing critical medical training to rangers on the frontline in the fight against poaching and wildlife crime. Read more

  • UK Announces Ivory Ban

    According to new plans announced today, the UK is seeking to impose a wholesale ban on the trade in ivory. Such action is extremely welcomed by Veterans for Wildlife, our supporters and of course the countless other individuals and entities dedicated to the protection of elephant as well as other vulnerable species. Read more

  • Bringing the Armed Forces Covenant to Life

    Veterans for Wildlife take the issue of empowering veterans very seriously. We recongise the challenges that they face once leaving the ‘comfort zone’ afforded by service life. Accordingly, in 2016, Veterans for Wildlife became proud signatories and supporters of the Armed Forces Covenant. With a specific focus on starting new careers and the provision of discounted services. Read more


  • A Volunteer's Perspective

    It has been a privilege to have worked with Veterans For Wildlife and everyone at the Nambiti Game Reserve over the last ten days, providing the dedicated and highly professional in house anti-poaching unit with essential tactical training and support. Read more

  • Hidden in Plain Sight

    In recent weeks and months there has been multiple reports of foreign nationals being arrested at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg for attempting to smuggle rhino horn out of the country. Such arrests are welcome and it is reassuring to note that the security measures currently in place at South Africa’s ports of entry and exit are indeed functioning, to some degree at least. Read more

  • Grunts, Dinosaurs and Second Chances

    As Veterans for Wildlife Ambassadors Jason Fox and Aldo Kane highlight, spending time amongst and caring for the animals is both humbling and emotional. And it is this recognition that provided the impetus for the Wellness Programme and Footprints of Hope more specifically. Read more

  • The Enemy Within

    This article was initially meant to discuss how we can potentially address manpower efficiencies in the anti-poaching sector and was initially due to be posted by the end of June. Yet, as the adage goes, “no plan survives contact”. Although, I’d prefer to think that no plan fully survives contact. If the entire plan falls apart once the first shots are fired, then either your plan was wholly ill-conceived or there is no point in planning in the first place! Read more