62 rangers trained in 1 year

Veterans for Wildlife volunteers spent 3240 hours on the ground supporting wildlife conservation entities and mentoring and training rangers in 2016/17.

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  • Exped Orange - Trekking the Length of the Orange River

    In January 2018, a team composed of three former Royal Marine Commandos will be treakking the length of the Orange River in Africa, from source to sea, raising much needed funds for both Veterans for Wildlife as well as the Royal Marines Charity. Read more

  • Reminder: UK Government Seeks Consultation on the Ban on Ivory Sales

    On 06 October 2017, Veterans for Wildlife reported that the UK Government was seeking consultation from various entities in regard to the total ban of ivory sales in the UK. We encourage all our supporters to engage with this process. Read more

  • Darren & Anna Gough Golf Day and Gala Dinner

    The Darren and Anna Gough Golf Day and Gala Dinner, Veterans for Wildlife’s flagship fundraising event in 2017, was a fantastic success! Our thanks also extend to the many sponsors who donated prizes, their services or otherwise contributed to the delivery of a world class event. Read more

  • #GivingTuesday2017

    Tuesday 28 November is giving Tuesday in the United Kingdom. This year, for giving Tuesday, Veterans for Wildlife and our amazing supporters will be joining in by showing our support for #MadRhino! Read more


  • Back in the Fight: a Digger's Tale

    Veterans for Wildlife team member, and renowned author Tony Park, has his say... When I was contacted by Veterans for Wildlife to help out with their public relations my initial reaction, beyond offering a bit of advice, was to say no. While I did work in public relations in the past, I now write novels set in Africa for a living and in my mind I was done both with PR and anything military-related. Read more

  • The One Important Reason Why You Should Visit South Africa Before it's Too Late

    To paraphrase the famous quote, there are things that we simply don’t understand. But by recognizing this fact, we are able to seek the answers and expand our knowledge. This, of course, is the first step in the journey to knowing and understanding those things that we aren’t even aware of yet. Read more

  • What do Foreign Forces Know About Anti-Poaching?

    Whether one wishes to acknowledge it or not, the fight against wildlife crime and poaching in particular is already ‘militarised’. One need merely take stock of the number of shooting incidents that occur, the weapons and other equipment in circulation, as well as the relevant tactics employed in the field by poachers and anti-poaching rangers alike. Read more

  • A Volunteer's Perspective

    It has been a privilege to have worked with Veterans For Wildlife and everyone at the Nambiti Game Reserve over the last ten days, providing the dedicated and highly professional in house anti-poaching unit with essential tactical training and support. Read more